Tuesday, January 28, 2014

If I had my way.....

.....the Republican response to President Obama's State of the Union address would be extremely concise yet still hammer the point home.

Legendary NFL coach Vince Lombardi conveyed his concerns about the peace-love-dope generation that encompassed the '60s. Amazingly, an excerpt of one of his more dynamic speeches was incredibly prescient for this point in American history.

"Our society, at the present time, seems to have sympathy only for the misfit, the ne'er-do-well, the maladjusted, the criminal, the loser. (Have sympathy for them? Yes. Assist them? Absolutely.) But I think it is time to stand up for the doer, the achiever, the one who sets out to do something and does it. The one who recognizes the problems and opportunities at hand, and deals with them, and is successful, and is not worrying about the failings of others. The one who is constantly looking for more to do. The one who carries the work of the world on his shoulders. The leader. We will never create a good society, much less a great one, until individual excellence is respected and encouraged." 

Yes, the above excerpt would be perhaps the most effective retort to all the shrieks of "income inequality."

However, if one chooses to be less eloquent (but still bluntly accurate), the following would suffice:

Yes my lack of desire to drone on and on is yet one more reason why I'm not cut out for elected office.


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