Monday, November 04, 2013

Shut it down!

In his nearly five years in office, President Barack Obama has given the vibe of being very hypersensitive to criticism. It's not beyond him to throw proverbial pebbles at the one network (Fox News) that has dared to question some of his decisions, policy stances, etc. Even individual detractors may find themselves under scrutiny for openly criticizing anything about Obama's presidency.

These days, the Obama administration is on the defensive more than ever due to the disastrous rollout of the President's signature piece of legislation: The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare). Put aside for a moment the massive quagmire that is the functionality of the website. More and more Americans who prefer to keep the health coverage they had previous to the law's inception are finding that it's not that simple. Many are finding that their premiums and deductibles are increasing while their coverage is narrowing. Such awful stories are featured at a website entitled In addition to the website, there is an official Twitter account which highlights news stories geared towards revealing the ACA's long-predicted difficulties.

Not surprisingly, there are staunch Obama apologists who don't take too kindly to the bad publicity. As a result, it appears there are leftists who have banded together to report the MyCancellation's Twitter account as violating Twitter's terms of service.

The Twitter account had over 1,000 followers when Twitter suspended it for the first time, on Friday. The account was reinstated but suspended again, Saturday night, reappearing later that night.

Briefly Monday morning, @MyCancellation (which has swelled to 5,214 followers as of this writing) was suspended yet again. It appears that leftists on Twitter have organized to shut down speech that is critical of ObamaCare.

What was it Andrew Breitbart used to call folks who do this type of thing? Oh yeah. "Totalitarian freaks."

It's been said that perhaps the disdain shown towards ACA critics by Obama and his supporters stems from jealousy. Reason being is that is a website which is actually functional.


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