Wednesday, November 13, 2013

got vapidity?

The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) has been such a quagmire that even President Barack Obama's most staunch apologists (i.e. the mainstream media and some leftist politicians) are running for cover.

Ah, but don't think for one second that lefty PACs and other Independent Expenditures are going down without a fight. In an effort to revive the sullied reputation of Obamacare, a campaign entitled got insurance? has been launched. Oh, and if you college-aged voters and other Millennials wonder how such a movement will attempt to appeal to y'all? Well.....let's just say the got insurance? folks look at you as a bunch of sex-crazed, booze hounds with a wretched grasp of the English language ("Do you got insurance?" Really?!?!).

At first glance, one would think this was a hoax perpetrated by some scurrilous deep-pocketed wingnuts in an effort to accentuate the absurdity that is the Obamacare law. You would be incorrect. I assure you the marketeers consider this a serious outreach effort.

Alan Franklin, the Political Director of "ProgressNow" Colorado:

To be fair, there are other segments of the population (e.g. kids, pregnant women, etc.) which are targeted in this campaign, so click on the link here to see more depictions.

One final thought: You know how progressives like to shame citizens who espouse right-of-center principles as being, for the most part, lily white? If you scour the pictorial ads at the link, you'll notice most of the participants used are (you guessed it) Caucasian.



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