Saturday, November 02, 2013

I heard it on the NARN - Saturday, November 2

I made a special trip to the AM 1280 The Patriot studio this afternoon. My Northern Alliance Radio Network colleague Mitch Berg welcomed to the second hour of his show Tommy Mischke, the mercurial 20-plus year veteran of Twin Cities talk radio. I had never met the legendary Mischke in person, so I wanted to take this opportunity to do so.

As someone who has been fascinated with many of the personalities (and history) of Twin Cities talk radio, I always enjoy listening to a good yarn about those who have been involved on some level. You'd be hard pressed to find two guys better qualified to spin such yarns than Mitch and Tommy, who go all the way back to the mid-80s on Don Vogel's AM 1500 KSTP talk show (see a summarized history here).

If you didn't catch the show live, be sure to look for the second hour podcast of Mitch's show today. If you have even a mild interest in the local radio personalities, you'll definitely want to indulge.

And if you weren't in the AM 1280 studio after today's broadcast to hear Mitch and Tommy continue their conversation off air while they had the luxury of being completely unfiltered? Well......I'm one up on ya.


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