Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dissent for we, not for ye

The attempt to thwart restaurant chain Chick-fil-A from expanding in the Chicago and Boston areas because of the company president's stance against gay marriage is extremely petty, not to mention a violation of the first amendment to the Constitution.

Look if the president Dan Cathy is willing to risk alienating his customers to convey a personal opinion, more power to him. At least he spells out exactly why he's against same sex marriage as opposed to, say, certain Minnesota business leaders who have spoken out against the state's proposed marriage amendment while using a substantiated faulty premise.

But the most hilarious quote to come from this ordeal arrives courtesy of Chi-Town mayor Rahm Emmanuel, who said "Chick-fil-A values are not Chicago values." Insert your own repartee on that one.

On a side note, all this talk of Chick-fil-A reminds me of this:



StarBittrune said...

Chick Fil-A's CEO never said what CNN claims he said. It's just an orchestrated smear.

Brad said...

Matters not. In the leftist world there is no room for nuance. If one is against same sex marriage, it means that person *must* hate gay people.

The common retort of gay marriage proponents - "Why on earth would you be opposed to anyone marrying someone they love????"

StarBittrune said...

But that question is not even asked anymore, and it did not come up in the Dan Cathy interview. It is no longer necessary to express an opposing view. Merely professing a traditional belief makes you a target. No honest discussion, no reasoned debate. You're a hater. The real question is, "Why on earth shouldn't I be allowed to politely disagree with you?"