Monday, July 30, 2012

An unlikely alliance

There have been very few polls (and by "very few" I mean zilch, zero, zip, nada) which have shown US Senator Amy Klobuchar leading her GOP challenger Kurt Bills by less than twenty points. To say Bills has an uphill battle is equivalent to saying Michael Moore could mix in a salad once in a while.

Less than 48 hours after receiving the endorsement for US Senate candidate at the MN state GOP convention in mid May, Bills appeared as a guest on my radio program. One thing I mentioned to him was how I was struck by similarities of his campaign compared to that of another grassroots effort which, 22 years earlier, also took a populist message around the state via a school bus. In both cases, the unheralded challenger (each of whom was an educator) was attempting to knock off the well-funded incumbent.

No word on what my royalties will be for this nifty idea (I kid, I kid).

Bills is correct in his assertion that Senator Paul Wellstone would indeed have opposed bailing out Wall Street via taxpayer funds. Problem is, Wellstone was a big time advocate of taking from the producers and giving to the non-producers long before the White House's current occupant made it in vogue. With that in mind, I'm not certain this ad was the best methodology to woo some of the disaffected non-Ron Paul Republicans. It sure as heck won't sway enough (if any) Minnesota liberals, many of whom, to this day, go by the mantra of "What Would Wellstone Do?".

Bills also said on my program on May 20th that "I think we will have our Wellstone moment." I sure as heck hope it entails more than putting forth clever campaign ads and riding around the state in a school bus.


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