Friday, July 06, 2012

Box Score of the Week

The LA Dodgers traveled to the friendly confines known as Wrigley Field to take on the Chicago Cubs. It was May 16, 2000.


From the CBS Chicago website earlier this year:

Wrigley Field visitor’s bullpen offers a unique opportunity for opposing players.

Since the bullpen is located in foul territory down the first-base line, players sit with their backs up against the famous bricks at Wrigley Field — just a few feet away from the fans.

Well, on May 16, 2000, one of those fans took advantage of his close proximity to the players. Cubs fan Josh Pulliam approached Chad Kreuter of the Dodgers, who was sitting in the bullpen. Reports indicate Pulliam then took Kreuter’s hat and punched him in the back of the head before darting off into the crowd. Kreuter and a few other pitchers went after the fan. The rest of the bullpen gathered along the first-base wall, and the Dodgers’ dugout emptied.

When the fight was over, several fans had been ejected, and the game had been delayed for about 10 minutes.

Kreuter received an eight-game suspension for his role in the fight. After the game, he threatened to sue the fan.

“The guy that hit me, I want to serve notice that I’m coming after him,” Kreuter said. “I’ll make him accountable, and I will definitely seek him out to see that he is accountable for his actions.”


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Gino said...

back in the 70s, Dodger-Cubs games were always ripe for a fight. i remember...

my family being from Chi, and i a big dodger fan at the time... grandma (recently retired to CA, from Chi) always bought tix for us when the cubs came to town.

i guess the tradition of hostility was still alive 25yrs later.

is it still? i dont know... been ignoring baseball altogether since the early 80s.