Monday, April 04, 2011

Presidential prospects

No, I am NOT a Ron Paul supporter. But in the highly unlikely event he would score the GOP nomination for President in 2012 (that is if he even decides to run), I would definitely advocate for Paul over the White House's current occupant. I refuse to be like the thumb-sucking Paul supporters in 2008 who pitched a fit over a moderate Republican (Sen. John McCain) getting the nod. As such, a fair number of conservative/libertarian voters either stayed home or voted for a third-party candidate.

But I digress.

If Paul himself wants to make any traction whatsoever in a Presidential race, he'll quickly distance himself from a certain renegade crackpot who used to be governor of my state.

Add Jesse Ventura to the list of Minnesota politicos weighing 2012 bids for the White House.

The former governor told Good Morning America this morning that he would "give great consideration" to being U.S. Rep. Ron Paul's running mate if he ran as an independent.

A Paul-Ventura ticket? Yeah, I'll pass.


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