Friday, April 08, 2011

Box Score of the week

Baseball Hall of Fame inductee Bert Blyleven celebrated his 60th birthday this past week. As such, I've decided to pay homage to Bert by pointing you to this box score during Blyleven's first stint with the Minnesota Twins.


This box score from May 1976 represented the final start for Bert Blyleven is his first stint with the Twins (Blyleven would eventually be traded back to the Twins from Cleveland in July 1985). He would be traded the following day to the Texas Rangers. As Blyleven left this game after recording the final out of the ninth inning, he proceeded to flip his middle finger towards some fans behind the first base dugout who were singing "Bye Bye, Bertie."



Mr. D said...

Last game before he was traded to the Rangers?

Brad Carlson said...

Correct! Upon retiring the final batter in the ninth inning, Blyleven flipped off some fans behind the first base dugout as he walked off the field for what everyone knew would be his final start with the Twins. Apparently some drunk patrons incited Blyleven by singing "Bye Bye, Bertie."