Saturday, December 04, 2010

Quick Hits: Volume XVIII

-It's pretty much a forgone conclusion that Mark Dayton will be Minnesota's next governor. With Dayton having nearly a 9,000 vote lead after the election results were certified, the recount of those votes has not dramatically altered his lead over Republican opponent Tom Emmer.

With a Republican controlled House and Senate here in Minnesota, much of Governor Dayton's agenda will be dead on arrival once he occupies the St. Paul mansion on Summit Avenue. And given the fact Dayton isn't the most mentally stable person around, how will he handle the scrutiny when, as a veritably neutered leader, he has to make public statements? During the campaign, he was often reluctant to acknowledge tough (but fair) media questions.

Get anyone say "Governor Yvonne Prettner Solon?" We just may be uttering that phrase within a year or two.

-There is a strong possibility that there will be no NFL football come September 2011. NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith has strongly suggested that players bank their salaries from the final three games of this season in the event NFL owners lock out the players next season.

As an NFL connoisseur, I will definitely miss indulging in the sport if indeed a lockout comes to fruition. But I believe I can bridge the gap from the end of baseball's World Series until NCAA basketball's March Madness if and only if Ricky Rubio finally joins the Minnesota Timberwolves for the 2011-12 season. That would make the Wolves watchable from when the regular season starts (which is typically late October/early November) until the aforementioned March Madness.

Either that, or I can actually rediscover reading books.

-For the first time ever, I caught a snippet of the reality show Jersey Shore the other night.

Sorry, I still don't understand the appeal.


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