Wednesday, December 22, 2010's ticking away with my sanity

I'll say one thing about being unemployed: one can get quite familiar with some pretty bad TV.

As I am in the midst of a third week of sitting on the sidelines, I happened to be flipping around the myriad of channels while taking a break from laundry and washing dishes (Don't worry, I'm not emasculated; merely "domesticized").

Anyhow, I came across a show called Yes, Dear. I've never seen one millisecond of the show prior to yesterday so I paused for a bit. The episode in question featured the main male characters lamenting the fact their wives wanted babies and thus would not have sex with them unless the gals prime baby making phase (y'know, that other "O" word).

The following dialogue commenced between the two characters:

Jimmy: I don't know man. Me not thinking about sex is like asking Tiger Woods not to think about sex.
Greg: You mean golf.
Jimmy: What did I say?
Greg: You said 'sex.'

Now keep in mind that this episode originally aired in November 2005, long before the general public became keenly aware of Tiger's sordid private life.

Leave it to a mediocre sitcom to be strangely prescient.



Palm boy said...

Please say you didn't finish watching the episode...

Brad Carlson said...

I could not (and thus did not) finish watching that episode.