Thursday, May 27, 2010

Who's gonna tell you things....aren't so great?

I consider myself a civil guy. In this era where ad hominem attacks are all too common amongst political adversaries, I make it a point to not get caught up in all that vitriol.

That is why I waited a while to fisk President Obama's comments made at a recent fundraiser for Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA).

I actually heard the audio of these remarks where the President sounded as disingenuous and condescending as ever. And it enraged me to the point where I felt the peptic acid rise in the pit of my stomach.

But as I got further away from the emotions of my initial reaction, I realized how utterly detached the President is from reality. When I look at it that way, I actually feel pity for the man.

Anyhow, here is the text of the audio I heard from the Boxer fundraiser:

Now, California, the last thing I said to my Republican colleagues was you don't even have to meet me halfway. I'll bring most Democrats on these issues.

And the Democrats you can't get (i.e. Rep. Stupak, Sen. Nelson, etc.) will be offered bribes "deals" in order to secure their vote.

I mean, it’s just -- you know, I understand the strategy of sitting on the sidelines. And let’s face it. Politically, it hasn’t been bad for (the GOP). It made a lot of people forget how we got into this mess in the first place, just sitting there and saying no to everything.

Saying no to policies that could potentially bankrupt this country and turn us into Greece of the west?!?! The audacity of these people!!!

Well, Barbara points out, I’ve said this before, you know, folks -- here you got folks driving a car in the ditch, and then we’re out there in the mud pulling the car out of the ditch, and they're sitting there comfortable, drinking on a Slurpee or something saying, you know, you’re not pulling the car out of the ditch fast enough. You’re not doing that the right way. When you put your shoulder behind, you got to lean into it.

So then we finally get the car out of the ditch, and they want the keys back.

Yes, but by the time "they" (Republicans, that is) get the keys back, they get a car where the axle was broken off, the transmission dropped and the engine blown up.

And it is readily apparent that the "they" will get the car back in much worse condition than "being in a ditch."

Say, no, you can’t have the keys. You can’t -- you don’t know how to drive. You can’t have the keys. Can’t have them. If you want to get in, we’ll give you a ride. But we’re not going to let you drive.

With all due respect, you vacuous bobblehead Sir, you don't get to decide who drives the car. In fact, your selection of "drivers" lately has been met with much resistance from those who actually make the decisions. That would be the voters.

So you go ahead and have your fun with your clever analogies and keep shirking responsibility for anything that goes awry in your administration. As you'll find out in November, the American people prefer to drive down the right way of a One Way street.


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