Friday, May 14, 2010

Don't go there

President Barack Obama hasn’t exactly made the most politically savvy decisions over the past….uh……how long has he been in office?

Anyhow, he’s now inserted himself into a situation which can potentially alienate the electorate in a key swing state.

Include President Obama as another Chicago Bulls fan rooting for LeBron James to move to Chicago.

"He doesn't want to tamper," senior adviser to the president -- and former Bulls season-ticket holder -- David Axelrod said. "But as a Chicago fan, the president thinks LeBron would look great in a Bulls uniform."

James, whose Cleveland Cavaliers were eliminated from the playoffs Thursday by the Boston Celtics, becomes a free agent on July 1. Many believe he could be headed to the Bulls.

The president, a former U.S. senator from Illinois and state senator from Chicago, never has shied away from his sporting roots. He frequently wears his Chicago White Sox cap; has attended a Washington Wizards victory over the Bulls last season, and also hosted the Bulls on a tour of the White House.

You may recall that the state of Ohio literally decided the 2004 Presidential election when George W. Bush won said state 51% to 49%. The Buckeye state then swung Democrat in 2008, where Obama won it by 5 percentage points. So with LeBron being a native son of Ohio and having played for the hometown Cavs for his entire seven-year NBA career, it seems rather foolish for the President to advocate for the departure of Ohio’s prized possession. It seems to me that Ohio will likely be a hotly contested battleground state again in 2012.

OK, I guess I’m being a little tongue-in cheek here by suggesting this will have a major impact on a national election. But it's not a huge stretch either. Do you recall the backlash against Massachusetts Senatorial candidate Martha Coakley when she referred to legendary Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling as a “Yankees fan?” Don’t think it didn’t play at least a small part in a Republican (Scott Brown) winning a US Senate seat in Massachusetts for the first time in over thirty years.

Sure, some of you scoff at the notion that voters could be so shallow as to vote for a political candidate based on vapid and superficial reasons. But let's not forget that Obama received more than a fair share of votes on the basis of his looking good on television and being a great orator.

Just sayin’.


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