Monday, August 17, 2009

No, I'm not going through chemo

Went for my haircut tonight and asked the stylist "Are you familiar with the 'Mr. Clean' look?" She indeed was.

Behold the results:

Admittedly, I have neither the biceps nor the barrel chest to be mistaken for Mr. Clean himself. Ah, but the stylist told me I held up pretty well in that department.

Yes, she got a nice tip!



Night Writer said...

Beldar, is that you?

Brad Carlson said...

"On our home planet, Remulak, at this moment, all cones are celebrating the Harvest Under the Moons of Mipzor. Now, that's a party! All the gellato spirots will be harvested and smoked."

Night Writer said...

MIPS! MIPS! How I wish I were there!