Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The bitterness ensues

While many Packer faithful deny it, the fact that several are still taking gratuitous shots at Brett Favre proves that it bugs them he's a Viking.

A 21-year old Packer fan sums it up pretty well:

"And those that are saying, 'I've moved on; I don't care about Favre anymore,' you know what? They are trying to convince themselves.

"You can't have a player who quarterbacks your team for 16 years -- who means everything to the Packers and football in Wisconsin -- and say it doesn't mean anything that he now will be playing for the big rival.

"We're all dying inside.''



Mr. D said...

I dunno. I'm really trying not to be bitter. What good does it do? Having said that, some of my siblings are exceptionally bitter.

Their solace will be that, at season's end, the Vikings fans will be just as bitter. :)

kingdavid said...

They should just suck it up and get over it---I did, just last week, I've finally forgiven Rod Carew for going to the Angels.