Saturday, May 23, 2009

What a blessed event!!

The newly married couple greets their guests

Yeah, some couples naturally go together!

On Saturday evening, my wife and I had the distinct honor and pleasure to attend the nuptials of dear friends Ben & Faith. For a recap, check out the live updates that were posted as the events of the wedding happened.

This wedding was unique in so many ways, which seems only appropriate given the way the couple met. For instance, this is the first wedding I've attended where the mother of the bride also served as the Officiant. And history may also have been in that the three groomsmen were all old enough to be the father of the bridesmaid each escorted down the aisle.

Overall, the outdoor ceremony was blessed with beautiful weather and an atmosphere of fun and joyous celebration. As a couple who puts Christ at the center of their lives, Ben and Faith took that all important first step in what will be an exciting and blessed journey.

Our sincerest congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Ben Worley!!


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