Saturday, May 02, 2009

Still tea'd about taxes

Jason Lewis' annual tax cut rally took place Saturday on the steps of the State Capitol in St Paul. Given the size crowd that came and went over the four hour period, many Minnesotans are still concerned (as well as downright angry) over the reckless spending at the state and federal levels. Add to that the fact fiscal conservatives were extremely offended at how their President and the mainstream media exuded a condescending tone regarding their objections. That served as a big motivator in people willing to give up a nice day Saturday to make their voices heard once more.

The creativity was also out in full force. One of the best signs I read inquired "Mr. President: If I put the Constitution on a teleprompter will you read it?"

Others also expressed their dismay by donning costumes. Check out my photo-op with the "pirate" wearing the Al Gore mask. He called himself "Cap'N Trade".

Closed circuit to fiscal liberals: the momentum ain't even close to being dead.

Governor Pawlenty mingling with the crowd after his speech

Here I am meeting VP Biden a guy dressed up as "Chicken Little"


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