Thursday, December 18, 2008

Willie Clark gone

From an AM 1500 KSTP memo:

Effective today, Willie Clark and Jeremy Kienitz are no longer with AM1500 KSTP.

We are appreciative of each of their efforts and hard work. We wish them only the best.

In the coming days, expect an announcement of a freshly re-structured morning-drive show, including who will be sharing the airwaves with Jay Kolls, Kenny, Bergie and Patrick Hammer as soon as some external details get wrapped up.

Actually, I'll admit the firing of Kienitz (aka Kodiak) is a mild surprise. I felt his dry sense of humor added a little flair to what was a moribund morning show. But I never understood the placing of Clark in that time slot, who came to KSTP from a small market in Iowa back in January 2006. It often seemed as though his brain was working faster than his mouth whenever he had a point to make.

I once asked a well placed source what Clark's appeal was. Apparently Clark's incessant love of Major League Baseball is what kept him on the air the past two years. With AM 1500 having been the radio the home of the Minnesota Twins since the 2007 season, the folks at Hubbard Broadcasting may have felt Clark would be an asset when talking baseball. But even a MLB nut like myself wouldn't listen to 3-1/2 hours of baseball talk. Thus Clark's overall value was limited. Combine that with the fact that KQ92 Morning Show has more than a 20 share, it would have taken much more than a radio lightweight from Sioux City, Iowa to make a dent in those ratings.

Farewell, Kodiak and Willie.


Mark Heuring said...

Won't miss Willie much. Jay Kolls is a cipher, too. Wonder why they kept him?

If I were running KSTP, I'd have ashcanned both Willie and Jay and let Kodiak run the show.

R-Five said...

My suspicion all along was that Willie was cheap, plucked from Sioux City, hoping for good enough ratings to make some money, with an outside chance of better.

I agree with MH, Kolls should go, too, and may just be a transitional for now.

Anonymous said...

Willie was a hell of a lot better than any others that they had in this time slot. Unless they are trying to cut costs (????) where are they going to come up with someone to compete with KQ. I liked his style and subtle humor.

Brad Carlson said...

Willie was a hell of a lot better than any others that they had in this time slot.

Damnation with faint praise.

Although I thought Bob Davis was very good. But he needs an interactive audience with the subjects he broaches. Hence, the 10-Noon time slot is a good one.

John Harris said...

KSTP should have changed it to "The Kodiak and Kolls Show." Goodbye Willie, Won't miss you!

Anonymous said...

What's up with Patrick on the morning show now...? I like Patrick when he's on with Joe, but are people going to listen to 3 hrs of his raspy banter?


Anonymous said...

Wow, some people are hard to pleae.
I got lots of laughs and useful info from the morning gang of Willie, Jay, Kenny and Kodiak. It was a great way to start my day.

Now we get to listen to the raspy voiced Patrick R. Isn't that entertaining? Hopefully you are all laughing.

Anonymous said...

I got lots of laughs and good info
from the morning gang of Willie, Jay, Kenny and Kodiak. I felt they were a great mix of personalities.

Whose idea was it to change the show to the raspy voiced Patrick R.? Do you enjoy listening to him?

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed listening to Willie and Jay in the morning. I have never been a fan of that pompus ass, Tommy B over at KQ.
I'd take Willie over Patrick R anyday . . . I can barely tolerate Patrick in the afternoons on GL. He's only good for Saturday morning sports talk . . .