Monday, December 29, 2008

The new AM1500 morning show

All I'll say is that Hubbard Broadcasting must be preparing for the Fairness Doctrine to be reinstated.

I have exciting news to share with you this morning about the new host of the morning show on AM1500 KSTP.

He has more to talk about than what a couple segments have allowed and many have told me that they tune in specifically just to hear him.

Starting Monday, January 12, you will get Patrick Reusse the entire show each morning well beyond a singular sports focus. "Somewhere between wacky and MPR, there's a morning radio show to be done, and that's what I hope to be part of Monday through Friday on KSTP,'' Reusse said. "The goal is for us to put together a morning show that I would listen to.''

Here is the full news release that is being distributed later today.

Patrick has been a strong element of AM1500 and I am excited about him being the steward of the early-morning program each weekday and providing a companion to your daily commute.


Steve Konrad
Program Director
am1500 KSTP

Personally, I like Reusse. I have been reading his columns since the 70s when he was with the St Paul Pioneer Press. Obviously I'm able to overlook his leftist political leanings, which he has a tendency to inject in his daily sports updates as well as his newspaper column. But his 25 year run with Joe Soucheray on Saturday Sports Talk can be quite fun given the duo's witty banter combined with a curmudgeon's look at life.

Reusse will team with Jay Kolls, who seems to be somewhat right of center. We'll see if they can generate an effective "point-counterpoint" format. I'll give 'em a shot.


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Mr. D said...

If it were up to me, I'd just give the show to Reusse and ashcan Jay Kolls, who brings nothing. Or better yet, I'd put Reusse on and bring back Kodiak. Those would be some interesting conversations.

Reusse is a lefty but he's a very funny man. Like you, Brad, I'll probably give him a listen when he comes on. I have a long morning drive and there isn't much beyond Barnard, the poor man's Howard Stern. And I don't much like Stern.