Sunday, December 07, 2008


Well, the Vikings 20-16 victory over the hapless Detroit Lions on Sunday was a lot closer than it needed to be. Truth be told, I started to get nervous in the 2nd quarter when the Lions were still hanging around. My thought going in to the game was that if you get up on the kitties by 14 points early they'll roll over and quit.

I have to say, I was impressed by QB Tarvaris Jackson coming in for the injured Gus Frerotte. Jackson completed 8 of 10 passes for 105 yards and the game winning TD to Visanthe Shiancoe. Despite being benched after week 2, Jackson looked as though he stayed well prepared to come in at a moment's notice. Given the punishment the immobile Frerotte has endured this season, I had a feeling T-Jack would get another shot down the road.

But again, we have to keep perspective. This was the Lions after all. And since the Vikings play another the porous Cardinals defense in Arizona next week, I wouldn't mind seeing Jackson get the start. With Pat and Kevin Williams likely to start serving their four game suspensions this week, my expectations are already low for next Sunday's game. So I say give the kid the nod at QB.

Elsewhere in the NFC North, it was no surprise that the Chicago Bears beat the pitiful Jacksonville Jaguars in the Windy City but how in the heck did the Green Bay Packers allow more than 500 yards of offense to the Houston Texans? Even though the 6-6 Bears were only a game behind the Vikings going in to this week, I was more concerned about the 5-7 Packers. With four very winnable games remaining, I figured the Pack had a decent shot at finishing 9-7. After Sunday's performance against the Texans (who allowed Green Bay to stay in the game with four turnovers) I wonder if the now 5-8 Pack can even win another game this season with that sieve-like defense. So for only the third time in my lifetime, I will be rooting for the Packers to win a game when they play the Bears in Chicago on Monday the 22nd.

Ben? Mark? You wanna get together for that Monday night duel? I'll be on your side!!!



Anonymous said...

That's a darn good idea. Can Faith come? She wouldn't be interested in the game, but she might like a look at the new house.


Brad Carlson said...

Ben, we'd be honored to have both you and Faith come on up! Just so you know that compared to where the Stewarts live we're just south of Duluth. :-)

Seriously, I've got your cell phone number so I'll stay in touch regarding definite plans!

Mark Heuring said...

Lemme check me schedule, good sir....

Anonymous said...


I've spoken with my very significant other and I don't think it's going to work this time. Alas.