Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sifting through the memories.

Now that we have officially put our house up for sale, the major clean out has begun. Despite the fact we don’t have a very big house, we found ourselves amazed by how much junk we’ve accumulated. I even found pictures taken at a friend’s wedding back in November 1991. I mention that only because that was the venue where I met the woman whom I was once going to marry (we were engaged for five months back in 1992). There was even a couple of pictures of her amongst the lot. And here I thought I had burned every memento of our time together.

But I digress.

Before banks started sending photo images of your checks written, they used to send the actual canceled checks along with the monthly statements. Turns out, I had saved checks going back to 1993. But I was most interested in the check register of July 1998. Sure enough, I had written a $19 check to Chili’s restaurant on July 11, 1998, the first date the gal and I ever had. Either prices were a heckuva a lot lower then or I was extremely cheap.

As I was putting all of my old checks through the paper shredder, I decided to put aside that particular disbursement from 7/11/98.

Call it a keepsake.



Night Writer said...

A keepsake for a cheapskate?

Brad Carlson said...

That works!!

Uncle Ben said...

That's a fun thing to find. But what a relief to get rid of loads of stuff too.