Sunday, October 14, 2007

Week 6 in the NFL.

The Vikings won today!!!

Hey, there may not be many more opportunities to make such a statement this season so I’ll start with that.

Rookie RB Adrian Peterson was the star of the game with 224 yards rushing and three touchdowns in the 34-31 win over the Chicago Bears. But the best part of Peterson’s long TD runs was the fact he left the trashing-talking putz Charles Tillman in his dust. Phenomenal!!!!

Elsewhere in the NFL today, the big matchup of 5-0 clubs lived up to the hype….for three quarters anyways. As predicted the much superior New England Patriots thumped the Dallas Cowboys 48-27. While Dallas QB Tony Romo is a nice player, he’s got a ways to go to be considered in the same discussion as the likes of Brett Favre, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. In fact, I commented a couple of weeks ago on the blog of Packer apologist fan Ben Worley that Favre’s all-time touchdowns, yardage and victories records are merely being kept warm for Manning.

I received a rather hilarious response from another commenter:

Correction: He's just keeping them warm for Tony Romo.

Looking at it now, maybe the comment isn’t all that hilarious. After all, Favre just set the all-time interceptions record today with number 279 in his career. With six picks in the past two games, Romo may have a legitimate shot at that record. I know I’m pulling for him to inch closer to it next week!


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