Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Baseball playoff predictions.

Today is day one of the Major League Baseball playoffs.

As three of the four divisional series kick off today, I would like to go on record with my predictions.

National League:

Philadelphia Phillies over the Colorado Rockies, 3 games to 1.
Chicago Cubs over the Arizona Diamondbacks, 3-2.

American League:

New York Yankees (Sorry, Ben) over the Cleveland Indians, 3-2.
UPSET SPECIAL: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim over the Boston Red Sox, 3-2.

Chances are I won’t be exactly right with all these picks. However, I will be making predictions for the League Championship Series once the matchups are set.

Let the games begin!!!



Uncle Ben said...

I'm not liking your predictions at all. I'd better go on the record myself.

Indians over Yankees in 3.
BoSox over Angels in 4.
BoSox over Indians in 6

Phillies over Rockies in 3
D'Backs over Cubs in 5
Phillies over D'Backs in 7

BoSox over Phillies in 5.

And there you have it. I spent 2 minutes hashing through that and trust that it will be accurate plus or minus 2 games. (yeah right!)

Brad Carlson said...

Duly noted, my friend. But Cleveland sweeping the Yankees? Come on!! You can't tell me that's not wishful thinking on your part.

Christopher T. said...

How bout them D-backs?! Being my new adopted "hometown" team, I have to say they've been mighty impressive in the postseason so far. They completely dismantled the "far superior" Cubs. Nice to see.