Friday, June 29, 2007

Goal update: June weight loss.

Well, I went from weighing 205.5 at the end of May to 205.0 at the end of this month! I had a feeling I might be up a little given that my eating habits over the past two weeks haven’t been very good. That should tell me that my increased exercise habits are taking effect. It should also remind me that a better diet would get me to my ultimate goal of 195 lbs. a lot quicker. It looks like I have to reset that goal once again. I'm now shooting for Labor Day, which is a little over nine weeks away.

With half of 2007 over, I am down a total of 13 pounds since January 1.

To put that in perspective, I decided to post a picture of me with our cat Macbeth.

Mac recently went to the vet and weighed in at right around 13 pounds. Lugging that big beast around helps me to realize the progress I’ve made in that I’m not carrying that much weight on my body anymore.


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