Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hey Laurie, I hear Antarctica is now a pleasant place to live.

I don’t know much about Larry David, other than the fact he was part of the brain trust for the hugely successful sitcom Seinfeld.

But one thing I’ve learned recently is how he must have attained good instincts.

Comedy star Larry David has split from Laurie David, his wife of 14 years, according to reports.

Laurie, who produced Al Gore’s propaganda piece documentary An Inconvenient Truth, has been one of the biggest, most vocal demagogues on the global warming issue. Since she’s good pals with Sheryl Crow, I’m sure Laurie was kicked to the curb by Larry before she enacted Sheryl’s suggestion of one square of toilet paper per restroom visit.

Or perhaps it could be Laurie’s constant fawning over Gore as if he were the second coming. Goodness gracious, every time I see this woman within five feet of the human snooze fest former VP, I’m thinking “get a room”.


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