Thursday, May 09, 2019

On cue

I would be willing to bet that most American newspapers' Editorial Boards have basic templates in place to respond to instances of gun violence against children. Just add the location & number of fatalities and you have your obligatory gun-grabber screed. And because the same vapid chanting points are usually regurgitated in response to these tragic events, they rarely (if ever) are relevant to the specific incident which EBs attempt to demagogue.

On Wednesday, the Minneapolis Star Tribune decided to take a swing at the shooting incident which occurred at a Colorado STEM school the day before (a shame their instant reaction wasn't lauding a genuine hero). And as is the mainstream media's wont, the Strib offered up suggestions of new laws which would do nothing to address what they believe is an epidemic.

Rob Doar, Political Director with the MN Gun Owners Caucus, was having none of it.

You can always count on those pushing for gun control to capitalize on the emotions of the public in the wake of a tragedy to push their agenda.

The simple fact is that Colorado ALREADY HAS Red Flag Confiscation and Universal Background Checks... and they DID NOT PREVENT THE TRAGEDY.

Citing the shooting in Colorado as some sort of urgency to pass Red Flags and UBCs here in MN is nothing short of ignorance and intellectual dishonesty.

The continued intellectual dishonesty by those embracing the non-sequitur of gun control and public safety will be a perpetual hindrance to any efforts to actually make our schools safer, reduce suicides, and address the repeat violent criminals who repeatedly escape justice.

But... that's not really what they want.

The DFL in both chambers have been demonizing (and in the House, actually voting AGAINST) the bipartisan efforts to improve school safety, increase penalties for repeat offenders, provide funding for mental health resources, school security assessments, and many more items that would actually have a benefit to public safety.

Why? Because they don't go "far enough". At least that's what they say. But, it's not true.

Democrats don't want to give Republicans a "win" on this issue. They will continue to vote down and block good ideas, because, to them, a Republican passing a good public safety policy is a bad thing.

They have their eyes on growing the metro-centric DFL majority and plan to use this issue as a drum to beat in the 2020 elections.

Those pushing for these measures will feign lament about the impasse at the legislature. They groan about Republican inaction, despite the fact that there is broad, bipartisan opposition to these bills in both chambers.

They capitalize on tragedy to demand irrelevant, ineffective, and divisive legislation, not because they actually care about public safety, but because they want more power.

And they don't care about lying and misleading to get it.

Whether it's their stance on guns, the economy or abortion, the political left has proven time and again that they are absolutely not above obfuscation or flat-out fabrication in an effort to enact a "progressive" agenda.


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