Monday, February 04, 2019

The Joy of Six

Yep, I fell for it. I predicted that the New England Patriots dynasty would end with a defeat in Super Bowl LIII. Though to be fair, there were some who said five years ago that Tom Brady & Co. wouldn't even get to another Super Bowl (they've been to 4 in the past 5 years, winning three), so at least I wasn't one of those guys.

Brady's performance on Sunday was OK at best, yet the Patriots prevailed 13-3. How? I was reminded once again who is the true leader of the Pats: coach Bill Belichick. The job Belichick and his coaching staff did in devising a defensive game plan to shut down the high powered Rams offense was remarkable. It was on par with what assistant coach Belichick put together 28 years ago when his N.Y. Giants squad slowed the high octane Buffalo Bills attack in a 20-19 Super Bowl XXV win.

With this victory, the Patriots are now tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers for most Super Bowl titles (six). And with those six championships, Brady now stands alone as the top winner. Brady had said this past week there is zero chance he retires, win or lose. He insists on wanting to play until age 45 (he's 41 now), so do we dare doubt him? I'm still skeptical he can do it but I would absolutely not be shocked if he somehow pulls it off.


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