Wednesday, November 28, 2018


The last U.S. Senate race of the 2018 cycle was decided Tuesday evening as Mississippi Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith defeated Dem Mike Espy. This GOP victory now gives the party a 53-47 majority in the Senate, up two seats from the previous Congressional session.

Upon Hyde-Smith's victory, many media headlines made allusions to "racial controversies," specifically a reference she made to a public hanging. While Hyde-Smith apologized for the remark which she insists was said in jest, invoking such an event was doubly inappropriate given the state's history of racial strife as well as her opponent being a black male. As such, Hyde-Smith's win isn't celebrated as the first woman to be elected a U.S. Senator in the state but rather as Mississippi "returning to the 1950s" or something.

However, if she were a Muslim Democrat while being a raging anti-semite? Such a victory would be lauded as historic......while completely glossing over the anti-Israeli sentiments of course.


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