Wednesday, March 21, 2018

You want a response, eh?

Full disclosure: Of the four (soon to be five) candidates vying for the GOP nomination for Minnesota governor, I have no preference. My stance is I will enthusiastically support whomever receives the nod to oppose the DFLer.

For now it appears Jeff Johnson is the GOP front runner with former Republican Party of Minnesota chair Keith Downey being a distant second. As such, Downey is doing everything he can to garner more attention. On March 7, the following email was sent out.

One week later, Downey provided an update on his request to the other candidates.

Less than a week after that particular email blast, three of the four declared Republican candidates met in Staples for yet another candidate forum. The only individual to not show up? That would be Downey. Even though he indicated that Johnson was the only candidate to not respond to his debate challenge, it's obvious he's aware of said email requests.

 That's gonna leave a mark.


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