Thursday, March 29, 2018

Pop off

San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich is one of the all time great coaches, evidenced by leading his team to five NBA titles in 22 seasons. While he has made his mark by having success on a basketball court, he's really made additional hay in his penchant for scathing criticism of President Donald J. Trump. Given the majority of media members (especially sports media) tend to lean left politically/socially, they look to have their worldview reaffirmed by those they cover.

While he is notorious for not being particularly chatty with reporters during postgame pressers, TV timeouts, practice sessions, etc., Coach Pop can be easily swayed into leftist diatribes. Perhaps the most polarizing culture war battle in years has provided plenty of fodder for Pop.

The outspoken coach told reporters that changes to current U.S. gun laws were comparable to Band-Aids, according to USA Today.

“Even if they changed the age limit, it’s all a Band-Aid,” he said. “The obvious elephant in the room is the guns, weapons of war, the magazines. The real discussion should be about the Second Amendment. Is it useful? Does it serve its purpose the way it was supposed to do in the beginning? That discussion should be had.”

Heh. The gun grabbers' idea of "discussion" is impugning the character of law-abiding gun owners and pro-second amendment politicians as opposed to addressing legitimate issues like law enforcement failures, breakdowns in threat assessments, etc. Yeah, I know. Broaching those specific areas would undermine too many gun-grabber narratives. Can't have that.

It is the second time in a few days Popovich decided to enter the political realm. He applauded demonstrators who participated in the March for Our Lives event supporting gun control and ripped President Trump for not being in Washington during the marches, according to The Hill.

“It's just cowardice," he said. "A real leader would have been in Washington D.C. this weekend, not at his penthouse at Mar-a-Lago. He would have had the decency to meet with a group, to see what's going on, and how important it is, and how important our children should be to us. So for all those politicians involved, it's just a dereliction of duty."

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that even if Trump offered to attend these marches, he would have been turned away. Heck, I believe that even if Trump, say, pre-recorded a video greeting to be played at the various rallies, the organizers would have either declined to play it or the message would've been drowned out due to tens of thousands of demonstrators screaming over the audio.

Speaking of large gatherings, the March for Life rally takes place every January 22nd on the anniversary of the 1973 SCOTUS decision to legalize abortion. It is the largest perennial gathering in America, with attendance rivaling or surpassing the crowd at last weekend's gun-grabber rally (again, that's every year). So from 2009 thru 2016, did then President Barack Obama ever once address that group? Did he ever offer to do so? Serious questions here, none of which noteworthy leftists like Popovich have ever asked. But, to be fair, I'm quite certain no one in the media inquired either.


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