Saturday, July 16, 2016

Trumps plays it safe, hence Pence

It had been leaked earlier this week that Indiana governor Mike Pence would be chosen as Donald Trump's running mate on the GOP presidential ticket. On Saturday, it was made official.

But as with anything involving Trump and his "winging it" style of campaigning, even the VP choice had some side drama.

There was also a rumor circulating that Newt Gingrich, who was also on Trump's shortlist of VP choices, did not even learn he wasn't getting the running mate nod until he heard a news report announcing the selection of Pence.

My radio show's political wonk, Matt Mackowiak, felt Pence was the "safest" choice.

As governor, Pence cut taxes, balanced the budget and his state has seen record employment.

Pence is fond of saying: “I’m a Christian, an American, a conservative and a Republican — in that order.”

He is a known commodity and trusted friend to conservative leaders in Washington and around the country.

Pence was up for reelection as Indiana governor this year. However, the state's law does not allow someone to run in both a state and federal election simultaneously, so Pence will now have to abandon his gubernatorial bid. Some may view that as a risky move for Pence, tying himself to a presidential campaign that, as of today, looks to get soundly defeated this November. However, there seemed to be a strong indication that Pence would not be reelected as governor anyway. With that in mind, perhaps Pence is just cutting his losses and thus looking to inject life into Trump's lackluster general election campaign.

And now.......on to the Republican National Convention, beginning Monday.


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