Thursday, October 16, 2014

More DFL follies

While perusing Twitter over my lunch break Wednesday, I saw a tweet posted by Star Tribune reporter Rachel Stassen-Berger.

I know Kurt Daudt personally. And while he's in good shape for a guy in his early 40s, he certainly isn't that muscular. But even if one isn't familiar with Daudt, it seems pretty obvious to the naked eye that his head was Photoshopped on to someone else's body. But whose body?

Brian Cook of MN Action Network was quick with his investigative work.

That would actually be Conor McFadden, the eldest son of U.S. Senate candidate Mike McFadden, pictured with MN House candidate Stacey Stout.

Naturally my first question is why would the DFL do such a thing? After all, Daudt traditionally takes photos with GOP House candidates when he's out door knocking on their behalf. Like the one he took with Stout in late July.

I guess Daudt looks cordial and pleasant in that pic, which doesn't fit the DFL's "extremist" narrative. So perhaps putting Daudt's head on a thick body makes him look more brutish. Truth be told, I'm really not interested what goes on in the twisted minds of the left.

Since it appears Mark Dayton will be re-elected governor of MN (or will he?), the DFL is pulling out all the stops to keep the MN House in Dem hands as well. As such, they appear to be playing defense in districts where their incumbent is on shaky ground. That would include House District 43A (Mahtomedi, Willernie, Birchwood Village and parts of White Bear Lake & Maplewood), the district where Stout is running and lost by only six points in 2012 to current representative Peter Fischer.

As luck would have it, I already had Stacey Stout booked as a guest on my radio show for this Sunday at 2:30. I imagine this issue will come up, but it won't be the sole focus. The MN Legislature would be fortunate to have Stout, so tune in to hear a great candidate!


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