Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Why we can't have nice things

While perusing Twitter Tuesday evening, I came across this tweet by political reporter Michael Brodkorb.

Jake Duesenberg is co-chair (I believe) of the MN Tea Party Alliance, which is (allegedly) one of the more influential TP groups in this state. As as ardent tea partier, Mr. Duesenberg has never hidden his disdain for those Republicans he considers "too moderate" or "non-champions of liberty." That's his prerogative I suppose, but I'm not certain who he believes put him in charge of doling out the ideological purity cards.

The fact is Christie has never been charged with any crimes (he was cleared in "Bridgegate") nor has he ever been cited for any sort of ethical violations. As such, I'm befuddled at how he can be labeled a "dirty politician." I guess if one is a Republican who can somehow get elected to statewide office in (of all places) New Jersey, it stands to reason that one isn't exactly a  hardcore conservative. So is Mr. Duesenberg simply labeling Christie "dirty" merely because the NJ governor doesn't pass some sort of asinine litmus test? That seems pretty petulant if that's the case.

What seems to elude Duesenberg (as well as others who are incapable seeing the forest for the trees) is that Christie is coming to Minnesota in his role as chair of the Republican Governors Association. You know, that little outfit that helps REPUBLICAN gubernatorial candidates get elected? Jeff Johnson long ago laid out his position on critical issues as well as his agenda for when he's elected governor of Minnesota. As a result, Johnson was endorsed by MN GOP delegates as well as winning the Republican primary in August. This idea that Christie is coming to Minnesota in an attempt to "define" Johnson's campaign seems to be little more than a figment of Duesenberg's paranoid delusions. Get a grip, will ya?


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