Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Quick Hits: Volume LXXXVII

-With the calendar flipping to March soon in this an election year, local level political conventions are about to begin. One of the main orders of business is to endorse candidates for state level office. Since the MN House is the only chamber of the legislature up for election, the goal for Republicans quite obviously is wrest control of said chamber back from the Democrats.

Unfortunately some very solid incumbent Republicans are having to deal with the distraction of having to fend off endorsement (and possibly primary) challenges. That's not a bad thing per se. However, when well-respected, hard-working idealistic reps like Kurt Daudt (who is also the House Minority Leader) and David FitzSimmons are being targeted for reasons that seemingly defy the bigger picture, it puts the goal of regaining a majority in the House somewhat in peril. Not only were these two gentlemen invaluable in fending off a complete Democrat onslaught last session, they also take significant time away from their personal campaigns (as well as diverting financial resources) in an effort to flip the seven House seats. That is the number needed to regain a majority in that chamber.

Once again, this smacks of an attitude that it's more desirable to lose on "principle" than to win with someone with whom you "only" agree 95-98% percent of the time. I fail to see how the DFL possibly maintaining complete control of state government will teach any Republican  a so-called valuable lesson.

-Over the past week, I finally relented and started to indulge in the Netflix political drama House of Cards. Thus far I've gotten through nine of the thirteen episodes in the first season with the second season having just been released this past weekend. As such, I am desperately trying to avoid "spoilers", which is no small task given today's information age.

My impressions thus far is it's a riveting show worth one's time even if one is not politically astute. However, I'm doing all I can to suspend my disbelief that such a high profile TV series would actually portray a Democrat politician (played brilliantly by Kevin Spacey) as the underhanded, sleazy character.

-Say, are you planning on eating lunch or dinner today? Yeah, that's a silly question. But if you happen to be free to indulge in a meal at the Buffalo Wild Wings on the U of M campus, you would be supporting a great cause just for purchasing said meal (10% of the cost goes to S.A.V.E.). As an added bonus, you can meet the latest addition to the Northern Alliance Radio Network. That's right. None other than our own NARN Babe Julia Schliesing (who also happens to be the reigning Miss Minneapolis) is hosting the event.

For more information, please check out the event's Facebook page by clicking here.


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