Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17, 1984: "Kick off your Sunday shoes....."

This classic 80s flick was released in theaters 30 years ago today:

The storyline, per IMDb:

Classic tale of teenage rebellion and repression features a delightful combination of dance choreography and realistic and touching performances. When teenager Ren McCormack and his family move from big-city Chicago to a small Midwestern town, he's in for a real case of culture shock. Though he tries hard to fit in, the streetwise Ren can't quite believe he's living in a place where rock music and dancing are illegal. However, there is one small pleasure: Ariel Moore, a troubled but lovely blonde with a jealous boyfriend. And a Bible-thumping minister, who is responsible for keeping the town dance-free. Ren and his classmates want to do away with this ordinance, especially since the senior prom is around the corner, but only Ren has the courage to initiate a battle to abolish the outmoded ban and revitalize the spirit of the repressed townspeople.

And it was because of Ren's indomitable, never-say-die spirit that Rev. Moore and the town council relented, thus allowing the kids the lifelong dream of having a dance.

Speaking of which, do you recall the final scene of that movie when the students had their big soiree? Despite such activities having been illegal in that town for years, the teens seemed to be plenty proficient on the dance floor.

I have a feeling there were plenty of underground dance parties in the dead of night in that small town. But once that proverbial wall of oppression was torn down, these kids were liberated. The dance moves were already ingrained in them..... and they were finally able show it!


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