Sunday, September 08, 2013

Beyond ghoulish

I'm as passionate a sports fan as there is. I'm even embarrassed to say that my mood on a given day can be altered (albeit ever so slightly) by how my favorite club fares on said day.

This is never more evident than on NFL Sundays.

As a long suffering Vikings fan, I have trouble dozing off some Sunday evenings if my team goes down in defeat.  But thankfully I'm pretty much over it by the time I'm eating my Monday morning cereal. After all, the Vikes' performance has little bearing on what I need to do on a daily basis in terms of employment duties, household tasks, etc. And as a faith-filled Christian, I take rather seriously that commandment "Thou shall have no other gods before me."

With all that said, I was utterly horrified and, to be frank, severely pissed off when I read the following Twitter message sent to ESPN's Samantha Steele Ponder, wife of Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder.

@mikeywaldo: Dear @samsteeleponder please Steve McNair @cponder7. Thanks.

The insinuation seemed clear. You see, former NFL QB McNair was murdered by his girlfriend back in July 2009, so this vile piece of filth that calls himself "@mikeywaldo" wanted Ponder to endure similar punishment for his poor play in the Vikings' opening day loss to the Detroit Lions.

The @mikeywaldo Twitter account appears to have been suspended/deleted (undoubtedly related to that ghoulish tweet) as has Sam Ponder's response. In case you were wondering, Mrs. Ponder said something along the lines of  "to clarify, you want me to murder my husband bc you don't like how he plays a game you watch on TV? #GodBlessYou."

That creep "Mikey" simply responded with a "yes."

I know for a fact that had someone suggested I kill my spouse, there's very little chance I would have reacted with the same dignity and decorum Samantha Ponder displayed. For that, I give full kudos to her.

By the way, if I ever turn into a "fan" in the motif of a "@mikeywaldo", I've given my wife full permission to commit me to some sort of mental institution.


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Mr. D said...

Guy's obviously a putz.

This particular incident is an example of why I have trouble staying with Twitter; there are a lot of very nasty people out there with Twitter accounts who make other people's lives miserable. And life is tough enough without having to deal with people like this guy.

I will say this -- I have a lot of respect for Sam Ponder for how she handled the situation.