Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Quick Hits: Volume LXXIV

-Not gonna lie to ya. When I first heard the news that leftist talking head Ed Schultz was returning to weeknights on MSNBC, my first reaction was "When did Ed leave weeknights?"

Starting Aug. 26, "The Ed Show" will air weeknights in the 5 p.m. slot currently held by "Hardball" with Chris Matthews. "Hardball," which airs live at 5 p.m. and runs again at 7 p.m., will now air exclusively in the latter time slot.

Heh. MSNBC folks often talk of "Faux News" personalities only appeal to a monochromatic audience, yet the so-called "progressive" network now has two white, sexagenarians in key weeknight time slots.

“Chris Matthews and the ‘Hardball’ team have been pulling double duty for years. This move will concentrate the 'Hardball' audience to one key time period and enhance the flow of our evening programming,” (MSNBC President Phil) Griffin said in a statement. “Ed Schultz is a force of nature and an important voice to the MSNBC audience. I can’t wait to have him back on weeknights.”
Yeah, considering Schultz was dumped from the 8:00 pm Eastern Time slot in favor of an "intellectual" (the lily white Chris Hayes, who embarrassingly misidentified the party affiliation of former Alabama Gov. George Wallace) I'm sure Griffin is ruing that move, thus he's trying to save a little face in bringing Schultz back to weeknights. Placing the smarmy Hayes into prime time was a gross miscalculation given the miniscule ratings.

Welcome back, Ed. It's like you never left.....because it's hard to be aware of a lineup shuffle if so few indulge in said lineup.

-After intentionally beaning New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez with a pitch Sunday evening, Boston Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster has been suspended five games and fined $2,500.

Dempster threw one pitch behind A-Rod's knees on Sunday night and two more inside at Fenway Park. Then his 3-0 pitch struck Rodriguez's left elbow pad and ricocheted off his back.

"It sucks any time you get suspended, it's not a fun feeling to have," Dempster said. "[Not appealing] has to do with just taking my suspension and putting it [in the] past. There's no point in carrying out an appeal process. We've got other things to worry about."

Actually the timing is quite fortuitous. The Red Sox have two off days over the next seven, so no other Red Sox starter has to concern himself with pitching on short rest in Dempster's absence.

In my opinion, Dempster's fine and suspension should have been larger. Not because of the actual offense of throwing at Rodriguez, but more because he made the unlikeable A-Rod into a sympathetic character.

-One of my favorite times of the year begins tomorrow. Yes, the Minnesota State Fair commences early Thursday morning!

As has become the tradition over the past few years, the Northern Alliance Radio Network will be broadcasting weekday evenings the duration of the fair (except for Labor Day) while taking weekends off.

Tomorrow evening from 4:00 until 6:00, I will be live on the air with a solo endeavor (guests TBD). Then on Friday, Mitch and I have a power-packed lineup from 4-6, as we welcome the new Princess Kay of the Milky Way at 4:00, MN State Senator Roger Chamberlain at 4:30 and MN House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt at 5:00.

Please stop on by if you're out at the Fair. We're located near the corner of Underwood St. & Murphy Ave., which is on Machinery Hill at the north end of the fairgrounds (right next door to the Home Depot building).

Hope to see ya!


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