Monday, March 11, 2013

Heard it on the NARN - The Closer edition (3/10/2013)

Hollee Saville, a local daycare provider, called in to my radio program this past Sunday to discuss how DFLers in the MN Legislature are attempting to make a law mandating all child care providers join a public employee union. Since these providers are technically business owners, the idea they be subject to unionization as if they were employees of the state is utterly absurd.

With that in mind, Hollee was kind enough to pass along some important web sites where we can obtain the latest updates on this fight. In addition, there's information on how you could possibly help in thwarting the DFL majority's attempt to "pay back" AFSCME and SEIU for generous contributions to several DFL campaigns.

For some of the lastest news and information on this issue check out sites for Childcare Freedom as well as Child Care Union Information.

For daily updates on committee hearings down at the Capitol, you can check out Wright County Family Child Care Association's Facebook page.

Finally, here is a list of DFL legislators and their contact information. While all Republicans will likely vote against any of these bills, we'll need to flip a few DFLers to ensure these don't pass or perhaps even kill the proposals in Committee.

Thank you for your efforts!


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Hollee Saville said...

Hi, Brad.

Thank you so much for having me on your show and for including the links to more information. We truly appreciate your help in educating Minnesotans about childcare unionization. :)