Monday, March 04, 2013


Last year, while appearing on Sean Hannity's TV show, leftist commentator Tamara Holder was asked by Hannity if it was appropriate for someone like Bill Maher to refer to conservative women Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann as "M.I.L.F.s."

Holder replied that she believed it was a "compliment of sorts."

Fast forward to last week when Connecticut State Rep. Ernest Hewett (D) responded to a 17-year old girl who had testified how she had overcome her shyness as well as her fear of snakes.

Rep. Hewett's retort? "If you're bashful I got a snake sitting under my desk here."

After a severe backlash (including Hewett losing his title of Deputy House Speaker), fellow CT Democrat Rep. Edward Moukawsher leaped to Hewett's defense (emphasis mine).

The treatment of Rep. Ernest Hewett for his remark to a 17-year-old woman who testified before the Appropriations Committee is completely unfair to him and defies common sense. In her testimony she said she was a shy person who overcame her shyness and fear of snakes. The chair of the committee complimented her on her testimony that belied her expressed shyness. Rep. Hewett followed the chair's remarks, and said "If you're bashful, I got a snake sitting under my desk here." It is absurd to think he was saying anything other than that she had overcome her shyness so well that her bashfulness was as nonexistent as a live snake under his desk.

Rep. Hewett turned on his microphone to speak on the record in a public meeting. This was not an offhand, surreptitious comment but a compliment to a witness following a compliment by the committee chair. His snake reference was prompted by the witness' testimony about snakes. The shame in this situation lies with those who have taken his well-intentioned, innocent remark and through the political prism have distorted it to reflect their own lack of humanity.

Do you sense a theme here? Whenever a conservative woman is referred to in a vile manner or greeted with a lewd remark by a leftist, it's a "compliment."

But remember, it's the Republicans who are waging the "war on women."


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