Monday, April 02, 2012

Snarlin' Arlen

Is it merely coincidental that just after Senator Arlen Specter became a Democrat in April 2009 that he turned into an insufferable jackass?

It was January 2010 while on Dom Giordano's radio program that Specter condescendingly demanded that Rep. Michele Bachmann "act like a lady" while discussing health care legislation. Can you imagine the veritable firestorm had someone like a Senator Mitch McConnell sneered towards Nancy Pelosi in the same manner?

I digress.

Then this past Friday on The Jason Lewis Show, Specter, who was on the program to shill for his new book, apparently didn't like sitting through a commercial break. Upon returning from said break, the octogenarian Specter bitched and moaned about having to endure such treatment and then promptly hung up.

Perhaps a nap or an adult diaper change was in order.


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Gino said...

mixed feeling on spector.

i did NOT like many of the stunts he pulled when i was a loyal christian right republican. needless say, i was even less enthralled with some of his policy positions.

when he showed up at the christian coalition convention in 96, knowing damn well he would would be boo'd, and he was, i learned a measure of respect for him.
its took large gonads to stand there and take it like a man.

what i do like about him: his willingness to 'say it' how he felt it. it's very midwestern of him. having come from the same town as bob dole explains it enough.

i cant say i admire spector. i do not.
but i appreciated his style every now and then. he reminds me of my own family, who will not just tell you to Go To Hell, but give you directions on how to get there.