Friday, April 06, 2012

Box score of the week

Yes, baseball is back! As is my wont, I will resume the publishing of an MLB box score every Friday throughout the baseball season.

Let's check out a game from early in the 2002 season featuring the Seattle Mariners and Texas Rangers.

As always, I challenge you to ascertain the significance without Google, etc.


Ron Wright, a 26-year old rookie with the Seattle Mariners, made his major league debut in this game. In three official at-bats, Wright accounted for six outs by striking out, hitting into a triple play and finally a double play. A few days later he would be sent back to the minor leagues. Injuries curtailed a return to the majors so he retired later that year.



Mr. D said...

Cool -- one of my favorite features returns!

I have no idea, so I'll guess that it was the first time that Japanese pitchers combined for a win and a save in the same game.

Brad Carlson said...

That's not the answer I was looking for but I'm willing to bet that's correct.

Douglas said...

This has got to be even harder to do than hitting for the cycle!