Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Quick Hits: Volume LII

-Democrat politicians and supporters alike condemned Rush Limbaugh after he called some gal named Sandra Fluke a "slut." A few days later, Rush indeed apologized, as was demanded by leftists.

Apparently that's not good enough, as some sponsors of Limbaugh's radio program are now dropping their advertisement during his show while some detractors are insisting Rush be removed from the airwaves altogether. Sure, the leftists look like complete imbeciles in this whole thing. But their idiocy was further compounded by the fact that Limbaugh has an unlikely ally in the left's persistent (albeit futile) efforts to silence him.

Bill Maher defended Rush Limbaugh today from fellow liberals who won't let go of Limbaugh's Sandra Fluke insult, saying they and Limbaugh's sponsors should accept the conservative talk show host's apology.

"Hate to defend #RushLimbaugh but he apologized, liberals looking bad not accepting," Maher tweeted this evening. "Also [I] hate intimidation by sponsor pullout," he added. Maher was referring to Limbaugh's apology for calling Fluke a "slut" on air after she testified in favor of a mandate requiring insurance companies to provide women with contraception at no charge.

Maher is dead on. All that was demanded of Rush was an apology. He gave it. So what's the issue? Well, apparently the Apologizer-in chief hasn't signed off as yet.

President Obama hesitated to accept Limbaugh's apology as sincere, saying today that he didn't know what was in Limbaugh's heart.

No word on whether the President's SuperPAC will return the $1 million donation from Maher who never apologized for the vile words he used in referring to Sarah Palin.

-Word is that former Vikings WR Randy Moss, who did not play for any NFL team in 2011, had an impressive workout for the New Orleans Saints on Tuesday. Seems like the Saints would be a logical fit for Moss, given their penchant for handing out cash for extracurricular activities.

After all, I'm sure Moss is still all about receiving straight cash.

-After 14 years as a member of the Indianapolis Colts, future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning was officially released Wednesday afternoon. However, the 36-year old is not ready to retire, so let the bidding begin!

Speculation abounds as to which NFL club will eventually land the four-time MVP, but I will offer up my prediction:

After a 1-6 start last season, the Arizona Cardinals finished strong by winning seven of their final nine games. While the Cards offense struggled to score points, their young defense really came on strong the second half of the year. So imagine dropping Peyton Manning into an offense that features highly productive players like All-Pro WR Larry Fitzgerald (fourth in the NFL in receiving yardage) and RB Beanie Wells, who rushed for more than 1,000 yards.

One drawback would be the fact that the Cardinals allowed the second most sacks in the NFL last season. With Manning having endured three neck surgeries in an 18-month span, the last things he needs is to be hit an inordinate amount of times. But one of Manning's strengths has always been his quick release of the football and avoiding contact. But it might behoove the Cardinals organization to strengthen the O-line this offseason.



Gino said...

hey, i was thinking the same thing. the cardinals had success just a couple years ago with another veteran HOFer (potentially) that they acquired.

the only difference i see: warner was seriously deadly deep ball threat, able to score from anywhere.
manning: i dont see the same arm, but he can work a clock and an offense to score within 30 seconds.

Mr. D said...

I agree, too -- Arizona would be a highly sensible place for Manning. I must admit it would be fun to see him play for the Jets, though. The New York tabloids would go berserk.

Brad Carlson said...

The Dolphins would be an intriguing team for Manning, too. With offensive weapons like Brandon Marshall, Davone Bess and Reggie Bush to go along with a young, talented defense? Pretty scary. Also, it would be an opportunity to see Brady vs. Manning twice per season!