Saturday, March 31, 2012

Putting on the media hat

Last week I attended my BPOU convention as a delegate in my State Senate District, which is now SD35.

Today I will be present as a media member in what is one of the more high profile endorsement battles in Minnesota. After the new legislative redistricting maps were released last month, it was determined that incumbent GOP Senators Mike Jungbauer (SD48) and Michelle Benson (SD49) were both drawn into new Senate District 31. As such, only one will leave today's convention with the GOP endorsement. Truth be told, I have a preference of whom I would like to see emerge victorious, but since I don't have a vote it really doesn't matter what I think. All I know is the GOP caucus will lose one eminently capable legislator.

I plan on live tweeting the proceedings from MN SD31 throughout the day, so check out my Twitter feed if you're so inclined:


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