Thursday, October 20, 2011

Throwing Christian to the Lions Packers

So a rookie quarterback makes his regular season debut in garbage time of a blowout loss, then is rewarded with his first career start the following game against the Green Bay Packers. Somehow the rookie makes just enough plays to lead his struggling club to a victory over the hated Pack.

You think that's far-fetched? Well it really isn't. That's because the scenario I just laid out actually happened. That's right, it was two seasons ago when Tampa Bay Buccaneers' rookie QB Josh Freeman led the 0-7 Bucs to an upset win over the Packers. I couldn't help but be struck by the similarities as Minnesota Vikings rookie Christian Ponder (fresh off his NFL debut in a 39-10 loss at Chicago) will make his first NFL start on Sunday when the Vikes host Green Bay.

Of course, there is one stark difference between the Packers club which lost to a winless Tampa team two years ago and the one the Vikings will face Sunday. The Pack happen to be 6-0 and defending Super Bowl champions. That said, Ponder may have a chance to make some plays as the one chink in the armor of the Packers this season is their porous pass defense, which has allowed nearly 300 yards per game. However, that stat is somewhat misleading. Green Bay has built such sizable leads in all of their games that they're willing to let opponents complete passes in the field of play so as to run down the game clock.

I think the Vikings are currently in a situation where anything less than a 20 point loss on Sunday should be considered a moral victory.



Gino said...

i'll be rooting for the vikings.

Mr. D said...

If you read the Wisconsin press, the subject of that Tampa game has been a consistent theme/meme all week long. I'm pretty certain the Packers won't come into the Metrodome sleepwalking like they did that day in Tampa.

I suspect Ponder will be okay. The bigger problem for the Vikes is defense. If the Packers keep Jared Allen out of A-Rodge's grill, it could be really ugly.