Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Palin passes

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin is not running for President --- just as I have been predicting since January.

While I'm rather ambivalent about this decision, many of Palin's ardent supporters appeared to be utterly devastated. That's rather concerning to think my fellow righties would create such a cult of personality in a politician that Palin saying "no" would elicit such a response. Lest we forget how we rolled our collective eyes at the crazy leftists who obtained such an emotional attachment to Barack Obama. That's not to say that Palin wouldn't have made a better President than Obama. I definitely believe she would have, which of course is damnation with faint praise.

One major drawback of Palin's candidacy would have been her spending so much time fighting off scurrilous attacks from every angle, including from certain members of the right wing punditry. Combine that with her tenure as Alaska governor being marred by her up and quitting before her term was complete, Palin's attempts to make a substantive case to be elected President would have been almost secondary.

But the main reason I felt that Palin would not run for President is, quite simply, she makes so much money not being in politics. Between book sales, reality TV and speaking engagements, she could live like royalty even without riding on Air Force One. I also believe she will thrive in a role as kingmaker, as any of the candidates currently in the GOP field would welcome Palin's endorsement. Of course, it's possible that Palin will wait until the dust settles and actively campaign for whomever emerges as the nominee. That would seem to be the wiser choice, as the recipient of a Palin endorsement may end up not being the nominee when it's all said and done.

One thing is for certain: Sarah Palin's voice will be heard throughout this Presidential campaign process. As a serendipity of not seeking the highest office in the land, it's a voice which will not have to utilize the most politically correct tone.



Gino said...

can you honestly see Palin campaigning for romney in the general while still maintaining any populist credibility?

i cant.

Brad Carlson said...

Fair question, Gino. If you listen to her interview, she didn't put any disclaimers on backing the GOP nominee. Her top priority is to ensure Obama's it should be.