Monday, July 25, 2011

My initial reaction.... President Obama's speech Monday evening was that it was a mere regurgitation of everything he's said in the 2-1/2 years he's been President, specifically citing the tremendous cost of "tax cuts for the rich, two wars and a prescription drug program." (Read: I inherited Bush's mess).

However, President Obama's $787 billion stimulus, extension of unemployment benefits and "cash for clunkers" were "emergency" spending provisions that, darn the luck, plunged us deeper into recession. However, it was merely temporary, as those spending bills were to be catalysts to get us out of the recession he inherited (aka "Recovery Summer"). The problem is "Recovery Summer" was slated for 2010!!!!! It is now July 2011 and there's no "recovery" in sight!!!

So are you now going to tell us, Mr. President, that you underestimated the damage done by the Bush administration, and that's why the recovery has slowed? And how about that war in Libya you started without even consulting Congress? Is that Bush's fault, too? Heck, you might as well go with it. Given the condescending tone you've been using, you already think we're stupid enough to swallow that tripe.

Another chanting point President Obama has implemented is to demonize those who own corporate jets. After all, anyone who can afford such a luxury ought to be paying more in taxes. Oh, and one of my favorites from this speech? Demonizing the hedge fund manager who is paying a lower rate in taxes than his secretary. To that I say SO FREAKING WHAT?!?!?!?! If a hedge fund manager makes $250,000 per year and pays, say, 40% in taxes and his secretary makes $40,000 and pays 45%, who pays more in taxes in actual FRIGGIN' DOLLARS?!?!

Honest to God, people, he thinks we're incapable of using simple math, common sense and logic, all the while counting on us to forget recent history.

Thankfully, House Speaker John Boehner was given the opportunity to convey his rebuttal, and did so in a mere 27 seconds (video below).


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StarBittrune said...

Good summary, Brad. Isn't Obama's class warfare tactic worn out by now? It does me no harm whatsoever that someone else is rich. I am tired of the inane fallacy that wealth is static and that one person's wealth forces someone else into poverty. Rich people create jobs. We need jobs, so we need rich people, and I doesn't bother me one whit that I'm not one of them.