Friday, July 01, 2011

Box score of the week

On August 3, 1979, the eventual American League champions Baltimore Orioles visited Yankee Stadium to take on the Bronx Bombers.


The Yankees had an off day on August 2. All-Star catcher (and aspiring pilot) Thurman Munson took advantage of that time to go home to Canton, OH. While there, Munson practiced takeoffs and landings at the Akron-Canton Regional Airport with two others in the plane. On the third touch-and-go landing, Munson allowed the aircraft to sink too low before increasing engine power, causing the jet to clip a tree and fall short of the runway. The plane then hit a tree stump and burst into flames. While Munson's passengers managed to escape, Munson himself died due to smoke inhalation.

The next night, a devastated Yankees team lost to the Baltimore Orioles 1-0.


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Mr. D said...

The day after Thurman Munson died?