Sunday, February 20, 2011


Seemingly lost amidst the news of the protests in Egypt and Wisconsin, the ever-decreasing legitimacy of the United Nations was knocked down another notch last week.

The US has vetoed a draft resolution in the United Nations Security Council that would have declared Israel's settlement construction in the West Bank and East Jerusalem illegal and demanded a halt to such activity.

While ''rejecting in the strongest terms the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlement activity'', the US voted against the draft out of concern for the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, ambassador Susan Rice said.

So despite the fact the US wielded its veto power, Ambassador Rice apparently did so while holding her proverbial nose, further perpetuating the Obama administration's alienation of our long time ally Israel.

But what's most disturbing is who introduced this resolution in the first place: Lebanon. You see, within just the past couple of months, Lebanon had its own governmental collapse. As a result, the March 8 Alliance, a Hezbollah-led group, gained the majority and thus elected their own Prime Minister.

The U.N. claims that one of their stated aims is achievement of world peace. But the mere introduction of this resolution at the Security Council sends a mixed message: A country like Lebanon, whose government is led by a terrorist group which lists one of its primary goals to eliminate the state of Israel, is allowed to introduce a resolution looking to damage said state.

How much longer must we continue this charade of the United Nations being a legitimate body?


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