Monday, July 26, 2010

Quick Hits: Volume VIII

When I read a recent headline that Howard Dean supported a Newt Gingrich Presidential run in 2012, I was certain I would click on the latest article in The Onion.

Sadly, Mad How was serious.

“I don’t agree with very much that Newt Gingrich wants to do,” Dean said of the field marshal behind the 1994 Republican takeover of the House. But, he added, “there are no ideas in the Republican Party right now in Congress — they are the party of ‘No.’

“Whatever else you can say about Newt Gingrich, he can supply intellectual leadership. So I hope he does run.”

Intellectual Leadership?!?! Is that a euphemism for "selling out GOP principles"?

-Did a Jimmy Carter speech ever give MSNBC guy Chris Matthews a thrill up his leg?

-Tuned in to see the Twins take on the Royals tonight. After Joe Mauer hit a three-run homer, I was wondering why the Twins were wearing their road uniforms at Target Field. Turns out the club actually was on the road in Kansas City. It sure sounded like 40,000 of the Twins faithful invaded Kauffman Stadium Monday night. The Twins edged Kansas City 19-1.


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