Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Quick Hits: Volume VI

-Can you imagine if Smokey the Bear lectured his community fire department on how to fight fires, but then lobbied for a pyromaniac to be Fire Chief?

To wit:

Former Republican Gov. Arne Carlson is urging the state GOP chairman to encourage "more thoughtfulness and less vindictive politics," and is criticizing Gov. Tim Pawlenty and Republican legislators for not doing enough to tackle a daunting budget deficit.

Carlson has had a strained relationship with the Republican Party, endorsing Democrat Barack Obama for president in 2008.

So how was endorsing Obama for President (as Carlson did in 2008) advocating a balanced budget? Are there different standards for the state of Minnesota than for that of our entire country?

-Is there any more of a buffoonish jackass in all of media than Chris "Thrill up my Leg" Matthews? I'd be open to examples.

But to ask a prominent Democrat Congressman "What percentage of the Republican Party would you put in the nut bag category right now?" Beyond idiotic.

-In early 1973, a Cleveland shipping magnate purchased the New York Yankees baseball club for $10 million. Even though he became the principal owner, the shipping tycoon said he would be far too busy with his primary business to focus on the day-to-day operation of a Major League Baseball team.

But in his first 23 seasons as owner, George M. Steinbrenner III changed managers 20 times (including dismissing Billy Martin on five separate occasions), and general managers 11 times in 30 years.

Nevertheless, under Steinbrenner's watch, the Yankees won 11 American League pennants, seven World Series titles and are now valued at approximately $1.6 billion. Not bad for a $10 million investment, eh?

But a mere nine days after turning 80 years old, the self-anointed Yankee "Boss" died today.

Steinbrenner had a heart attack, was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital in Tampa, Fla., and died at about 6:30 a.m. ET, according to multiple reports.

"He was an incredible and charitable man," his family said in a statement. "He was a visionary and a giant in the world of sports. He took a great but struggling franchise and turned it into a champion again."

Of all I've heard about Steinbrenner the man, he was an incredibly complex individual who meant something different to many people.

Someone who knew him once said that a biography could be written about how Steinbrenner was a domineering, petty tyrant while yet another book could be penned on what a kind, loving and generous person he was.....and both accounts would be spot on.


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